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AngryBlade 2014年6月7日 9時53分
-SOLVED- Coloring Issues
I've tried opening the .vmt files and nothing seems to work. I can't seem to color the cross comm for the scout. I am trying to get the eye patch red instead of white. Also, anyone know how to help witht bills hat? I've tried the same tecnique for it aswell.
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Pte Jack 2014年6月7日 13時42分 
There is a Workshop materials fix for the Bill. Also, which cross-com, the sniper/spy is different from the scout cross-comm
AngryBlade 2014年6月7日 13時43分 
Okay, and yeah the scout cosmetic.
Pte Jack 2014年6月7日 13時46分 
I've played with the scout's cross-comm... hang on, I can't remember if I had to fix the textures for the eye-piece or just add a material override to it.
The eye piece is a separate vtf/vmt from the actual cross-comm btw.
AngryBlade 2014年6月7日 13時48分 
Okay and I didn't know that!
Pte Jack 2014年6月7日 14時53分 
Ok, I don't think I had to make changes to the eye piece material, but i did have to fix the material for the hat portion.

Right click on the hat in the animation set editor and add an override materials
Send the hat to the element viewer
go to the element viewer and at the bottom of the list click the + beside materials to expand it.
find the smnc_pyro_illum material for the hat your working on (red or blue)
right click on that and add a COLOR attribute
name it $colortint_base (the lens should turn black)
now click the + beside the smnc_pyro_illum file you added the attribute to
there you'll find a black color swatch, click on that and change the colour, the lens should change as you move through the colours.
AngryBlade 2014年6月7日 15時03分 
Hmm it doesn't seem to work. I did "add an overide materials" and I am doing it right here? The eyepatch is still white. Do I use color_array instead?
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Pte Jack 2014年6月7日 15時40分 
hang on , let me kill the fixed materials I have and see what happens
Pte Jack 2014年6月7日 15時44分 
Ok, I must have edited the material for the lens too. Maybe I'll upload the materials to the workshop. The main reason I haven't is because the pyro_illum will affect any model that calls it and I have no way of telling what does.

Edit: Nope that won't work

Hang on...

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AngryBlade 2014年6月7日 15時45分 
Oh okay gotcha
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R234 2014年6月7日 15時51分 
Search function, guys. I answered this one quite a while ago.
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