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DakturPepper :D 13 jul 2014 om 8:19vm
Rendering time and DoF
So I noticed that focal distance quality will improve when you set the DoF sample to 32-1024 ovveride and it made me video looked magnificently awesome. I tried to set it to 512 but the render took forever to finish in a 10 second video. I switched it to 32 and it finished in maybe 10-15 mins. But without the override, it would take less than a minute for a 10 second clip. Is there any hardware that could help me speed this up? Im planning to upgrade a new part in my Rig. I do know that SFM bites a huge chunk from our video cards and im currently using GeForce 430 1gb of video ram.
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Vintage 13 jul 2014 om 8:30vm 
If you plan on uploading to YouTube, you should leave it at 8 (default/camera setting), and occasionally/rarely 16 if the aperture is high. Everything past that is basically lost upon uploading to YouTube.

But for hardware, I guess just good stuff is good. Just note that when you set a sample thing to 16, it takes twice as long to render as with 8, and again twice as long with 32 than 16, and so on, due to it basically being the amount of samples it has to merge into one frame.
raptornx01 13 jul 2014 om 3:13nm 
Even on youtube with it's drop in quality there is a big difference between default settings and something like 128. Anything past 128, maybe 256 isn't really noticable though. some swear by higher setting but i never saw a difference myself.

Ambient Occlusion alone account for a large part of that difference between default and higher. if you go with default your shading will be grainy, pixelated. the higher you go, the smoother those shows will be.

as for making it faster. the higher the quality of the cpu and video card, the better. more ram can be good too, but sfm is capped at 3gb of ram, so adding more won't help sfm specifically, it'll only help giving more to other programs while you use sfm.
DakturPepper :D 13 jul 2014 om 3:29nm 
Well if I dont put it in 32 or above, It will look something like the sword at the beggining in the video.
Vintage 13 jul 2014 om 3:36nm 
Well, that's also a ridiculously high aperture you got there.
DakturPepper :D 14 jul 2014 om 2:27vm 
Origineel geplaatst door Vintage:
Well, that's also a ridiculously high aperture you got there.

Yep. My bad. I set maximum focal distance a bit too high so I can focus on godzilla :L but the maximum aperture is default. I know how to fix this that tho.
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