sonosublime Jul 11 @ 10:53am
Uninstalling SFM
Hi all,

I am having some major issues with Hammer. Someone has advised me to delete and reinstall.

Will I have to uninstall all of SFM along with Hammer, or is it possible for me to just uninstall/reinstall Hammer on its own?

If I do have to uninstall all of SFM as well, how will this affect my project files (DMX format)? I keep backups on an external hard-drive, but will all the model pathways and animations be completely broken and render my current projects useless?
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Vintage Jul 11 @ 10:55am 
As far as I'm concerned, uninstalling Steam games (and tools) only deletes the files included with the game (or tool) itself. For instance, if I play Portal and then uninstall it, the save data will still be there. It SHOULD not delete anything you made/added yourself (sessions, etcetera), but it's a good idea to back up that stuff.
sonosublime Jul 11 @ 11:05am 
What about models that I have downloaded to the Workshop and usermod folders? Will project files that make use of them all still be there and raring to go after I reinstall SFM?
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Vintage Jul 11 @ 11:07am 
They stayed for me last time I uninstalled Source FilmMaker. Not sure about the workshop, though, but you will remain subscribed to the items (I believe), and will redownload them if uninstalling deletes them.
sonosublime Jul 11 @ 11:12am 
Ok, that's good to know. So I can rest (somewhat) assured that my SFM movie projects that make use of custom models and textures should be unaffected by uninstalling SFM. And when I reinstall SFM, everything will be ok?

Sorry, don't mean to grill you, I just want to make sure.
Vintage Jul 11 @ 11:13am 
It was all fine for me back when I uninstalled Source FilmMaker, and reinstalled it on my external harddrive.
sonosublime Jul 11 @ 11:15am 
Ok, thanks. I'll give it a try. Fingers crossed.
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sonosublime Jul 11 @ 7:59pm 
Bringing this up again; how exactly should I uninstall the program? Normally I would go into the control panel/programs and uninstall from there, but would my usermod and workshop folders be preserved if I do it this way?
raptornx01 Jul 11 @ 8:05pm 
you have to uninstall from steam. right clicking on sfm and deleting local files.

I would suggest though to save back ups of your usermod, workshop and any other custom content just to be safe.
sonosublime Jul 11 @ 8:10pm 
And will deleting local content also uninstall the Hammer editor that came with SFM?
Vintage Jul 12 @ 6:12am 
Of course it would. It's included with Source FilmMaker, after all.
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