2 Pickles And Dishsoap Jul 8 @ 7:28am
WIndows 8.1 Incompatable
Ive got myself a new WIndows 8.1 laptop. But SFM is really laggy on it. I have (most) recommendations on it. It also happens on Garry's Mod, CSS and TF2. I dont know about the graphic card though, but its from the same company as the recommended and it says HD. Im posting this with my Mac though, since my new laptop is updating
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Vintage Jul 8 @ 7:40am 
Source FilmMaker fully supports Windows 8.1, but you may have the wrong graphic card selected, ambient occlusion turned on, lighting enabled, a battery mode not being high performance, and/or your laptop not plugged into a charger.
I use SFM on a laptop and it is usually my main computer unless I get into something that I need my computer for. I run Window 8.1 on all of them. As Vintage says, 8.1 fully supports SFM. As for graphics, if you have one of those dag intel HD/Nvidia dual graphics laptops, SFM picks up on the HD chip instead of higher end Nvidia chip. Do a search in the discussions here for Nvidia or secure boot to find out how ppl fixed that.
sigma7 Jul 8 @ 4:12pm 
Everything Vintage and Pte Jack said, plus make sure they haven't released new graphics drivers, as they tend to do every few months or so. (It's not my first thought, since SFM has been out a while and is older than your laptop, but I am constantly amazed how different drivers make the same video card act erratically.) Good luck!
2 Pickles And Dishsoap Jul 9 @ 5:55am 
Alright ill take a look into it what i can do. Thanks for the support
2 Pickles And Dishsoap Jul 10 @ 4:59pm 
sorry, but im new to windows 8, where can i find my PC information.
Right click the lower right corner of the desktop, select control panel then system, Then device manager. This will list the different devices of your computer. Select the arrow beside Display adapters to find what graphics card(s) you have...
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2 Pickles And Dishsoap Jul 14 @ 2:44am 
Oh okay thanks
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