How Do I Add A Session Into The Workshop?
I wanted to add a session of the Miss Pauling model by uber_chain so that those lazy people who want it without making it can actually use it. The problem is that the resources are not built into TF2 and are custom mods. Can someone help me put everything together with the session so I can finally make it happen? Another reason I am doing this is just so I don't lose it if my computer dies on me. :/
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Okay, no I am not giving a tutorial. I need to know how. The reason why is that I made the model and in order so I dont lose it and for those who are struggling to build it, I can give it to them to use.
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Originally posted by no name needed you ♥♥♥♥er:
if your not giving a tutorial then why does the title say you are
"how to add a session into the workshop"
it says you are gonna show/tell us how
...It says "How to add a session into the workshop?", indicating he's ASKING HOW to do it, not showing how.
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Or you could start reading question marks as question marks, not just marks.

Edit: Also, you have a guy in your friend list with a pony avatar.
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Okay, first of all, this question was written in a hurry (I fixed it, so there). Second of all, stop fighting!!!! >:( Third, so does anyone know?
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Okay, the thing is, again, the models in the session don't have TF2 materials. They are mods! :( How do I put them in with the session?
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I think you'd need to make reference to the mod(s) in the description or alternatively provide a copy/paste .rar full of all of the assets required.
:/ I don't think that will work because the sessions follow a specific format that the Steam Workshop would recognize. It's a special file format. So, the second one may not work, and the first one, I don't think it will work either because these are models. These are assets that need to be part of the session. The question is where do I put them?
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