TeamHalfPortal 3 Aug 28 @ 12:28pm
I Want to do Something Great!
Hi I wanna do my own 3D model and submit it to the workshop. Can someone suggest a good software that I could use? Or am I gonna be stuck with blender
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Vintage Aug 28 @ 1:03pm 
"Can someone suggest a good software that I could use?" I suggest- "Or am I gonna be stuck with Blender?" -oh. (Blender is actually really good, if one can get to learn it.)
[E$] KlashFire Aug 28 @ 1:14pm 
maya is an awesome software that is free for students for 3 years, if you are still a student, I would suggest getting it from
ConfederateJoe Aug 28 @ 1:47pm 
Originally posted by TeamHalfPortal 3:
Hi I wanna do my own 3D model and submit it to the workshop. Can someone suggest a good software that I could use? Or am I gonna be stuck with blender

It's harder than it sounds to get models into SFM successfully and how you want them. Compiling your stuff into source is a headache but it's possible and not quite as hard once you've figured it out.

Blender is cool, but its modeling arsenal is short equipped compared to some of the other softwares out there.

Maya is nice like KlashFire said, but since you'll be more of less only modeling...
3DS Max is capable of the same things as maya (in that area) and most people find it more intuitive/easier in 3DS due to its simpler UI.

I use Modo, which is an amazing modeler, but it's not even close free!

Unless you can find a .smd exporter for those programs, you'll end up converting it to that via blender. But I'm pretty sure 3DS and Maya have .SMD export plugins... somewhere.

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SomeGuy Aug 28 @ 2:27pm 
Anything but C4D
TeamHalfPortal 3 Aug 28 @ 11:12pm 
But what software do most people use for making models for SFM?
Vintage Aug 28 @ 11:16pm 
I know I use Blender. I know this amazing guy uses Blender. I know this other amazing guy usese Blender. I think this amazing guy uses SoftImage Mod Tool or whatever. I'm pretty sure VALVe uses Maya.

If you want something free, I think Blender will have to be the way for you to go, unless you'll use that student thing for Maya. It might be hard to learn modelling amazing stuff in it, but once having learnt it and practiced enough, it'll be a really powerful tool.
TeamHalfPortal 3 Aug 28 @ 11:21pm 
Ok, I know its gonna be really hard making models in Blender but there are so many tutorials on youtube so think I'll be fine if I keep trying. Lol my brother is into all this animation stuff and he's trying to use Blender. He's only 10!
Vintage Aug 28 @ 11:26pm 
Well, Blender is also an animation program. And a texturing program. And a text editor. And a game-making tool. And probably a lot of other stuff. Blender can be used for many things. Of course, people prefer to do many of those things in other tools/programs. Either way, Blender is a really good modelling tool, especially considering it's free. The only problem I see with it is I suck at modelling. :P

Anyway, yeah, if you keep trying and look up beginner tutorials, slowly progressing to professional tutorials, you'll do fine.
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