spoky scary skelliton Aug 18 @ 11:39pm
Make models transparent to light?
Normally a shadow would cast if an object was placed in front of a light, but I want to make it so the light passes through a object I select, but said cast shadows everywhere else.

Is this possible?
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ClintonM0 | C: Aug 19 @ 12:10am 
I believe you can use $translucent on the material of the object. However, a bug causes the entire object to be translucent, including any parts of it that use different material files.
Vintage Aug 19 @ 12:30am 
...The model, the MODEL has to be marked as transparent, NOT the material. The model gets marked as transparent when COMPILING it. However, you are right, at least 1 material of the needs $translucent or $alphatest for the model to be marked as transparent, but again, it's marked when COMPILING it.
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