Indurok Aug 6 @ 3:18pm
Why does a simple WAV file make me completely exit SFM?
I am trying to make a JonTron video, but when I add the WAV file, EVERY time I add it, then when I try to do something else, like shorten it, it completely exits out of SFM. Only after I add that. What is going on?
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lil loey Aug 6 @ 3:19pm 
What are the .wav files infos? 44.1khz? It has to be 44.1
R234 Aug 6 @ 3:19pm 
Is it 16-bit PCM 44kHz? SFM doesn't support any higher.
Indurok Aug 6 @ 3:22pm 
Originally posted by L○○iC':
What are the .wav files infos? 44.1khz? It has to be 44.1
It's always at 44.1 when I click WAV on the audio converter I use. That is pretty much the default.
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Indurok Aug 6 @ 4:07pm 
I think I have solved the problem. The file was over 11 minutes long. I figured, it might work if I actually try cutting the audio, and keeping how much I wanted in the video, instead of trying to edit it ib SFM. Turns out I was correct, because it works.
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