spacesickelk110 Aug 1 @ 8:57pm
is this easy to use?
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EmperorFaiz. Gaben Claus Aug 1 @ 9:14pm 
Go watch Valve's tutorials first and see it for yourself. SFM can be easy or complicated depends on your understanding about SFM workflow and functionality.
ConfederateJoe Aug 1 @ 10:20pm 
Amazingly easy once you get the general idea.
Stupidly long and tedious process for putting in or porting in other models unfortunately.
I'm thinking importing custom assets will become easier in future versions of SFM...
spacesickelk110 Aug 1 @ 11:03pm 
i built my pc soooooooo yea thx though
raptornx01 Aug 2 @ 6:12am 
not a guarantee. lol

SFM can run perfectly on a cheap store bought pc, and run like crap on a hardcore gaming rig. it all depends on what comp it is and what it's components are.

If it's intel graphics you'll probably have a hard time. Nvidia made, it's iffy. AMD radeon is about the only one that never seems to have issues.
spacesickelk110 Aug 2 @ 10:04am 
i have a an amd fx 6300
gtx 650 ti upgrading to radeon 280x
8gb of ram
ConfederateJoe Aug 2 @ 10:19am 
My Phenom II x4 @ at OCed 3.2Ghz along with my OCed GTX 650 runs it really smooth, never had any issues, FPS or otherwise.
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spacesickelk110 Aug 2 @ 11:45am 
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