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Bassem 23. feb., 2013 @ 4:33
Bad camera. Bad checkpointing. Extremely frustrating. No volume control.
I really like the concept of this game, but it's too bad there's so many corners cut.

What game doesn't have sound options? There's no way to turn down or disable the music or the sound. You have to alt-tab out and mute it in the Windows volume control.
Fine, no big deal. Very stupid, but no big deal.

The camera doesn't collide with anything. Meaning if you're backed up against a wall, the camera is behind the wall. If you're in a place with a low ceiling (as you often are) the camera is above the roof. And you can't see where you're supposed to go.
This is much more annoying than the sound issue.

But what makes you quit the game in frustration is the crappy, terrible checkpointing, spaced too far apart between sections that you will be repeating over and over and over. Because you can't see properly.

I'm not saying don't get this game, but... it's really frustrating because if they'd just fix these issues, it would be pretty damn fun.

For a similar game done RIGHT, see Ballance.
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Bassem 23. feb., 2013 @ 4:47 
Okay, on second thought, ⅎ∩ↄⱩ this game. What a waste of money. Don't buy it.
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