Selaa ja arvostele pelaajien luomia oppaita tälle pelille, tai luo omasi ja jaa vinkkisi yhteisön kanssa.
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Crossing the bridges to the Forbidden South
tekijältä Never Mind
Yet another simple guide, this time, on how to obtain cartridge no. 4 and coordinating the colored cartridges the correct way so you get access to the South....
The Baconing Achievement Guide
tekijältä Kaizer
An achievement guide for The Baconing...
Getting Punch Card no. 5
tekijältä Never Mind
So i'm making this short & simple guide only having played about ~3.5 hours of the game. Yet, I've seen this problem/doubt circling around and decided to post this help on how to obtain the number five[5] Punch Card that you will need to hack your ...