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DeathSpank - Achievement Guide
by Ult
This guide is aimed at providing a clear overview of what is required to earn all achievements on DeathSpank, as well as providing general hints and tips along the way that may be of some use when attempting to go achievement hunting. Hope it helps!...
How to: kill Lord von Prong
by Mr.PoopyButthole
Lord Von Prong is the Evil Lord of the land and suspiciously sole survivor of the powerful Von Prong family. Wants DeathSpank dead and his Thong alive. Lord Von Prong has command of all of the Orques in the first world of DeathSpank, and perhaps had some r...
All teleporting outhouses
by .ard
This map will help you with Underground Subway achievement....
OldManSwags Basic Achievement Guide
by Old Man Swag
This is a very basic guide on what each achievement for Deathspank is and how to complete them. It is not very detailed, this is more or less just to get a understanding of what you need to do while going for 100%....
Man In The Hole
by Maciek #klan
Complete 6 Spelunker Quests ...