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Can this game make a comeback?
Smashball appears to be dead, with no servers being shown on the list. But I believe that it can be revived, despite its old age and steep learning curve. Let's try to get this mod back by telling friends about it, or even people on your server that you don't know.
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I'd like to play, but first there is only one server second the server is empty
There's actually a server up? I didnt know.
now 2
one is mine
cool, when i reinstall id be glad to join
but it's empty.Somtimes i enter to ceck if there is someone
almost every 1-2 hours
which is yours? im going to check it out
now is closed i think
lol yes i wish people would play this game i would like to play but it is empty lol
I just played it 2 hours or so because I didn´t understand the controls and nobody could explain them to me. That´s very sad.
I would set up a server, but my computer couldn't handle it. :(
If there was a way to run SRCDS on a raspberry pi...
i would play, this game was pretty fun
I really hope this game would come back to life. :( It is so much fun!
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กำลังแสดง 1-15 จาก 134 ความเห็น
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