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Ng COCKFIGHT λ Nov 29, 2013 @ 1:46am
A couple features I'd love to see
I'd love to see the following

  • small class icon next to everyone's name, who's medic? who's got ammo?
  • be able to pick up equipment from a dead soldier, possibly change class?
  • be able to resurrect a dead buddy, medics are otherwise defenseless and weak (seriously).
  • better feedback with the command wheel, it's currently tricky to select something

Are features even possible at this point? The Linux port is coming along quite nicely. I'd love to know some features could be added in.

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Spazzo Nov 29, 2013 @ 4:12am 
  • Yeah, it'd be nice if it went into specify both class and kit they are using, rather than just class.
  • It's this way due to balance - don't forget that you can change classes at armouries.
  • This would be a nice feature, but it would really be a massive change of the way fights would be held, and could have a knock-on effect that will require rebalancing of other areas.
  • The command wheel is able to be altered - I've got a mod that splits it up into 3 separate shortcuts, and further divides the commands to only being north, east, south, west and center, rather than all of them. There are also other people who have made similar modifications. Mine is posted on the Steam Discussion forums here.

I'd also say it's rather unlikely we'll see any feature expansion at this point of ND's lifespan - the only purpose of the Linux update is to port it over to linux and solve any major issues still plaguing ND from a bug-standpoint.
Sexy Iron Maiden Nov 29, 2013 @ 4:41am 
Yeah I doubt that we will see any major changes like you have suggested. And the medic is far from useless, he actually is able to have one of the highest 'hp' of all the classes with nano skin and he has a very high manoeuvrability, plus his ability to heal others means he is incredibly useful.

Nac is a good person to talk to about this ^

As for the radial wheel, here is my mod:
It is less fancy than Spazzo's but easier to install. It includes shouts like "repair" and "destroy" as well as the very useful "thanks", all fully voiced :)
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