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thethomasgeorge 2012年11月11日 18時06分
Game bug
Sometimes (around 40%) when I press "T" to type a message the ND cursor appears and I cannot type anything. If I ;eave it for a few seconds it crashes or if I quickly reconnect to the server, I can respawn but lose all points for the round. Kind of annoying bug but nothing really critical.
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thethomasgeorge 2012年11月11日 20時59分 
yep the force crashes are great fun. just exited during final phase.
balek jae 2012年11月11日 22時18分
that is the official bug tracker on IW website

i would post there, this post could get buried before a dev sees it.
最近の変更はbalek jaeが行いました; 2012年11月11日 22時18分
thethomasgeorge 2012年11月12日 2時16分 
psychonic  [開発者] 2012年11月12日 4時21分 
One common misconception, is that on the chance that the game crashes mid round (or if you quit mid round), you do not lose any experience. It does save periodically and the round end display of it going up is just for show to let you know how much you earned as a whole during that round.
thethomasgeorge 2012年11月12日 7時54分 
cool. its still a little annoying as its rare to get a good team together and when we do, it's good to see the job done to the end :)
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