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EF 2012年11月11日下午1:59
Comm power management
Am I just stupid, or interface does not show how many power am I producing / using at the moment?
Anyhow, it either must be more noticeable or added with the next patch if it does not exist >_<
最后由 EF 编辑于; 2012年11月11日下午2:03
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plumbcrazy 2012年11月11日下午3:08 
The game will tell you when you have low power and flash at the area that needs fixing :)
psychonic  [开发者] 2012年11月11日下午3:09 
There is a meter on the minimap for each power grid.
EF 2012年11月12日上午8:56 
Ah, I thought that was health :) Thanks for making it clear, psychonic
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