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Preformance Fix + Redstone Key Bindings
made a small autoexec.cfg file to increase game perfromance and add additional functions for you to use on redstone... my fps finally increased above 60 for the first time in a year. you may not see it but it actually works.

for those of you lagging on nd its likely becuase the cilent isn't sending/receiving enough packets per second... the file bellow triples the limit, thus allowing for more fps and better game prefromance.
copy and replace the file here Steam\steamapps\common\Nuclear Dawn\nucleardawn\cfg

-this patch will improve the connection between you and the server

key bindings
-will allow you to use smokebombs on redstone by press the b key
-will allow to sucide on redstone by pressing the k key

heres the file without the key buildings if any1 is interested in that
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Nuclear Dawn > General Discussions > Topic Details
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