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Servers Just Can't Support the Gameplay Load
as many of you might know some of the more heavly modded servers are constantly crashing. this is becuase servers just don't have what it takes to run the mods. if you allow a game to support sourcemod, the servers has to be capible of running a large number of mods aswell. from what i heard all that was tested is afew basic things running at a time.

EDIT: If servers can be made capable of running vehicles through LAN, they can also be made capable of not crashing!

EDIT 2: this issue retains to linux servers mainly.

i'll use an example for you redstone. we've shut off all the writing to txt files, and moved everything over to sql. (7k of bans, sourcebans[admins synced over] and gameme game stats would be too much for reading and writing to a txt file to handle) we use the most effeincent form of a firewalls, (ip tables). we don't use windows, we use linux. top of the line 2 core with 3gb of ram, hosted by nfo, just for one sever if needed. i can keep going or do you get the point? there is 0 sourcemod errors on this server. 0 game logging errors on the server. 0 errors from debug.txt (the starting commandline) this server runs at a wopping 4mb/s in at full compacity. the pings are mainly in the double degits, less you connect from europe as it is USA based. they don;t even go up before the server crashes. there is no lagg of any sort before the server crashes its a streight good none lagging game to a sudden CRASH. you might think "its a not a delevoper issue it has all these mods" wrong... there are 0 errors from the mods, if there was errors i wouldn't be writing this essay. when you allow a game to support sourcemod, you have to allow the server to be able to support the load.

i'll use anther example if needed chaos. hard to speak for them cuz its not by server. however they use linux not windows, they are running at barebones atm and have therefore stopped crashing. week of headaches later trying to figger out what it was... haha not funny

i'll use 2 more examples even tho i'm sure you already got the point. again hard to speak for them cuz its not by server. teamplay and noobs freindly don't crash cuz they use a limited number of mods. good examples are printtochats that aren't coloured, no plugins that upload models to cilents. no built in web browsers on the servers motd. no tweaks to the ctx files.

Honestly, the game cilent has too much of the load pushed onto them already. (you can tell when your sound starts to cut out) sound in a game can account for up 30% more like 15%-20% in this case. sure you can use snd_restart in console after the spike is over and move on, but if anther spike happens again, well i gues you gota restart your sound when the spike is over. you WILL have framerate drops if you don't have the latest series of technology.

Lastly, its not from sourcemods end cuz other games don't crash frequently like this. it crashes after a period of time not instantly, that pretty much rules on exploits and random errors. crashing are more or less.

possible solutions i'm not a expert...

1. Putting more load on the cilent
keep in mind that sound already cuts out

2. Allowing for higher streams
css servers can support 10mb/s in that might work. kinda hard for people living in the country only support 185kb/s as their max connection speed.
"when we tested vehciles on LAN they worked fine, when they were tested over the internet there was problems with people not having good enough internet" game already is having problems, is there a way to up streams more? it is smaller than that of netflix, a modern day item today. keep in mind css can handle 64 players 10mb/s in. devide by less than 2 that should be nuclear dawn (as it requires alot more than just shooting a gun)

3. Mulithreading Servers
a whole new game engine would be needed less theres a way to build apon source. too much work.

4. Optimizng
could possibly be optimized more? really don't know

sure is hard as a server owner having to know all this to make a good server. i though it was just click and go. least thats what it should be... hard to find quality these days :( and yes i posted this eassy above instead of just criticizing! sure its partially valves fault, common "the source engine" you forgot to put in fine print is "ten years old", don't leave delevopers with this ♥♥♥♥ to handle! (you've made enough money off of your ♥♥♥♥!) if i had a 1 core pc you'd laugh at me! now you wanna put this ♥♥♥♥ on my HD tv!
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p.s. how to use steam workshop support for servers aka custom maps still hasn't been explained. just something more to stack on given how these are all "normal maps" that are being refered to above.
Gloomygrim Jan 4, 2013 @ 4:44pm 
Dude i have hardly ever had any lag runnin on redstone and im in the uk, redstone seems to be one of the more stable and less lag prone servers there are.

But it seems like most things net related the more you add the more problems are created, it really does seem like the basic game and a few minor mods are the best that can be done, unless you some how become a millionaire over night and buy top of the range tech.
you don't get the point, redstone does have the top tech released to date. when you learn things like "shell" ,"pawn programing language" and hosting a server not off your♥♥♥♥♥♥♥desktop you will understand afew of these basic concepts. thats the point, due to redstone's "tech" it doesn't lagg at all. the "tech" well exceeds the capability of the game server. if it had to on this hosting 30mb/s could go in however the the proccess crashes at far bellow 10mb/s in. counter strike source can handle it, nuclear dawn can't. the game servers aren't build to handle enough going into them. 10mb/s in doesn't lagg it, simply crashes it due to the procces giving in. lots extra resources still happen to be remaining on the hosting. atleast know alittle bit about something before you go off dissing it.
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Gloomygrim Jan 4, 2013 @ 5:49pm 
Ah now i get you, sorry bud i thought you were saying the gear owned is not powerfull enough not the games server isnt strong enough. (im not up to date with servers no more been almost 5 years since i did anything related to them). wasnt dising it off either.

edit, sorry i was half asleep reading that last night and totally missed half of what you were saying.

It may seem basic (ill take the vehicle mods here) load it up on a stupidly basic custom map, just a floor, lighting and the essential, prime, base locations and the vehicle mod and (for want of a better term) bread board it adding 2/4/6 ect players untill it crashes itself and see if its capable of handling it as there is hardly anything else to load up and the server (and i guess engine) wont have to work so hard.

Again sorry for missing your point lol.
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