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PatrolmanLanny 2012年12月20日 15時26分
This game needs a free weekend to boost player population.
Game is amazing, but noone really plays it. A free weekend should be in order.
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Graypairofsocks 2012年12月20日 15時59分 
yeah good idea.
zrchrn 2012年12月20日 23時29分 
Agree. I don't think I would buy this game without trying it first. However my experiance is that when a game goes free weekend like Endless Space, or Warhammer: DOW2 Retribution I tend to buy it. Especially in Endless Space's case, to support the developer for a job well done!
Viper  [開発者] 2012年12月21日 2時01分 
We already had two free weekends last year and in 2012 :)
The game is very cheap at the moment and shouldnt be a problem for anyone.
PatrolmanLanny 2012年12月21日 13時25分 
I was unaware of that Viper, thank you for the response and a job well done on the game.
Blake 2012年12月21日 17時10分 
Some more couldn't hurt once in awhile. Red Orchestra 2 population was dying out, but then another recent free weekend boosted it up a lot.
The Milkman 2012年12月23日 12時18分 
RO2 has had like 3 free weekends in the past year
ba$ed_cyka 2012年12月25日 23時27分 
I might be tempted to get it if there was a free weekend. Not everyone gets in on those weekends, and another doesn't hurt it. It's not like this game is selling like hotcakes ATM.
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