Judgebigballsdread Apr 16 @ 9:39am
Is the parrot too gimicky for its own good?
The parrot doesn't seem a very solid feature other than as a concept on the paper. It's too random. This is mainly because the parrot can/will get stuck behind objects.

What I suggest is that the parrot be made more mechanically solid in some way.

Random replacement suggestion > the parrot will launch as a homing missile directly forward, but you can direct the parrot with a 'laser' point. If the parrot hits a wall, it'll fall to the ground dead. It'll simply respawn after a short period, instead.If it hits a man then it'll explode in a puff of feathers while stunning the target. haha :D
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It is a legacy thing from the PVK1 game, it is a good distraction when employed properly
]NsR[ Bob, The Angry Bunny Apr 22 @ 9:25am 
Send it out, while you are fighting, not before
Joseph Stalin May 2 @ 5:37pm 
You obviously don't play Captain if you don't think the parrot's very solid.
Taylor_too_Swift May 9 @ 3:54am 
That's a negative, ghostrider.
Mackey the makron May 21 @ 3:37pm 
In my opinion it's pretty good I had a game with The chatbox filled with cursewords because of it XD
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