Sanchez 2012年9月19日下午5:23
NO one plays now?
okay serously we need someone to play im the ONLY guy playing this game.
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Mirsevo 2012年9月23日下午2:19 
I know right? i wish more people would notice it. :/
Sanchez 2012年9月23日下午2:21 
@Ploburize actully i met two guys on a server a while ago
PotatoSexual 2012年10月1日下午2:34 
I just downloaded it and think its cool :)
Enzyme-Sigma 2012年10月2日下午5:52 
me too
Sanchez 2012年10月2日下午6:33 
okay well thanks for helping out
ToRez 2012年10月3日下午1:00 
do any of you get the error something about SteamTICKET when you try to conect to internet servers?
Sanchez 2012年10月3日下午4:00 
Tydon 2012年10月3日下午4:45 
im going to round some friend up and tru too get this game back up
killerkiller 2012年10月3日下午5:07 
Tom.het 2012年10月4日上午4:09 
We should all play this game
It seems very unpopular for a reason
I just got source models for gmod
But from what i have seen (peoples comments)
it is a great game
Mood 2012年10月5日下午1:03 
we need to have a steam group that has playing times, so we all get on at the same time. I always end up joining a game and fighting a single other player, plus or minus one player.
Gigacorn 2012年10月8日下午4:38 
I playing right now.
Sanchez 2012年10月8日下午6:11 
yea i get it guys
NobodyTatchThis 2012年10月12日上午9:49 
Come on I will make EU server, tommorow.
╠§╣Lushimi╠§╣ 2012年10月19日下午7:55 
This game is so underrated, I played it the first time and loved it.
I got a friend to join in too.
Hopefully more people find out about this game...
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