Nopeginner 19. syys, 2012 17.23
NO one plays now?
okay serously we need someone to play im the ONLY guy playing this game.
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^FAS^ ¤MBM¤ Ploburize [RM] 23. syys, 2012 14.19 
I know right? i wish more people would notice it. :/
Nopeginner 23. syys, 2012 14.21 
@Ploburize actully i met two guys on a server a while ago
Er-Teeus 1. loka, 2012 14.34 
I just downloaded it and think its cool :)
Enzyme 2. loka, 2012 17.52 
me too
Nopeginner 2. loka, 2012 18.33 
okay well thanks for helping out
ToRez 3. loka, 2012 13.00 
do any of you get the error something about SteamTICKET when you try to conect to internet servers?
Nopeginner 3. loka, 2012 16.00 
Farmer Brown 3. loka, 2012 16.45 
im going to round some friend up and tru too get this game back up
killerkiller 3. loka, 2012 17.07 
Fridtjof Aahrus Bjarturson 4. loka, 2012 4.09 
We should all play this game
It seems very unpopular for a reason
I just got source models for gmod
But from what i have seen (peoples comments)
it is a great game
Forkmood 5. loka, 2012 13.03 
we need to have a steam group that has playing times, so we all get on at the same time. I always end up joining a game and fighting a single other player, plus or minus one player.
Mocapmon 8. loka, 2012 16.38 
I playing right now.
Nopeginner 8. loka, 2012 18.11 
yea i get it guys
NobodyTatchThis 12. loka, 2012 9.49 
Come on I will make EU server, tommorow.
╠§╣Lushimi╠§╣ 19. loka, 2012 19.55 
This game is so underrated, I played it the first time and loved it.
I got a friend to join in too.
Hopefully more people find out about this game...
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