Tyler 2012年9月14日下午8:12
What's it like?
Just curious? I know it's free to play and I could just download it and try it... but...
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Mood 2012年9月18日上午7:50 
It's like that exploding cars game you always wanted. Download it :D
Sanchez 2012年9月18日下午6:48 
the problem is no one plays now so yea theres a prob but i play just to waste time
NobodyTatchThis 2012年10月12日上午9:51 
I have this game, and same problem, but I still have some fun on LAN :/
Something stupid 2012年11月9日上午7:49 
its okay, i guess, and btw, are you THE tylerosaurus?
Sgt.Cracker 2014年6月13日下午5:51 
Add me if You guys wan Play it some time.
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