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Eustace Mar 29 @ 12:38pm
Keep Crashing to desktop
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Corom Mar 29 @ 2:51pm 
That's extremely descriptive. Anyone know the NSA's phone number? I need details.
Eustace Mar 29 @ 3:30pm 
(rude btw) and heres the sitch. Synergy launches ok. But when i go to join a server, right when its about to finish client info it crashes to desktop (no error message)
Corom Mar 29 @ 3:33pm 
Any mods installed?
Eustace Mar 29 @ 3:33pm 
Actually yes Black Mesa source is loaded on it
Corom Mar 29 @ 3:36pm 
As in mods like skins, not mods like Black Mesa.
I havent encountered this issue as of late. But I only have HL Ep1 and Ep 2. But i always have a problem with my skin once I first enter the game. I always start as the default skin female 1. Then I go to the options and apply skin man6 i think it is. Then I got to kill my self for it to apply even after a map changes. So if I dont kill my self is stay as the female 1 skin. And the same thing happens every time I start up Synergy. And so the error repeats its self >: (
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Eustace Mar 30 @ 7:49am 
no no skins
YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE Mar 30 @ 10:19am 
I'm just tell ya what my issues with Synergy is thats all.
Mambius4 Mar 30 @ 10:39am 
well i downloaded it now: and it says Could not load library or something loke that
an i have a mac
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YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE Mar 30 @ 11:17am 
Well I have no ideas about your problem I dont use Mac computer on windows
Excruciate Apr 18 @ 11:51pm 
same. randomly crashes to desktop. no error just closes.
Tatsuya Hiroki (HU) Apr 19 @ 7:37am 
since many people seem to be having the same exact issue, it would be helpful to share the general configs we have so to hopefully find out what could be the problem
im using a windows 8, i tried to put the game in an older update version too, also reinstalling steam didnt helped
from what i heard, trying to delete the local content and then letting it redownload MIGHT help but not sure. Wrote to the devs of the mod, hoping to get some sort of reply from them
Meanwhile if anybody finds a solution to this, please do let us know, it would be really helpful
Tatsuya Hiroki (HU) Apr 19 @ 7:38am 
Originally posted by Lt. General Big Mac:
Any mods installed?
Im fairly sure its not cause by mods, since i had the same problem with a clean install of Synergy
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