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What do you upgrade first?
I'm on chapter 4 and have found a handful of powernodes, but I'm never really sure about what I should be upgrading and in what order it makes the most sense to upgrade. What I've done so far...

I just bought a level 3 suite, not a powernode upgrade, but i spend bucks on suits as soon as i got them to spend.

I put a few powernodes into the plasma cutter gun (the first gun you find), 2xdamage and capacity.

Spent some on the Line Cutter: damage + capacity + minedamage.

Spent one on the Pulse Rifle: capacity (the only one availble to start out with)

I have not yet done any upgrades on my RIG or stasis or kinesis, all powernodes have gone into buffing the weapons. I've been pretty haphazard about it so far.

Any informed opinions about what's worth upgrading an in what order?

Dead Space > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Apr 22, 2014 @ 12:50am
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