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alessandro_mortari Aug 11 @ 6:16pm
Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 not coming to Steam?
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RonaldusMagnus Aug 11 @ 7:34pm 
NO,thank the gread of EA
MonkeySeeker Aug 12 @ 1:27am 
Not until Valve change their terms or EA decide to agree with the current ones (neither of which is likely).
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Bloody_EwE Aug 14 @ 12:31am 
EA is not even a shadow of their former self. They used to be a great game company. Now everything they touch just turns to money-grabbing crap. :(
Thunder-Z Aug 14 @ 4:39pm 
Maybe... the Greed Reaper visit them... to ruin the story of Shepard!
willmiller3 Aug 15 @ 2:06pm 
After seeing how every thing panned out in Mass Effect 3 do we really want it on Steam
alessandro_mortari Aug 15 @ 6:26pm 
What a shame! Did not want to buy the Origins. After having the entire collection on Steam is better for ease of use.
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