fire warrior Feb 26 @ 2:09pm
Dragon Age 2
shud Dragon Age 2 come to Steam?
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wi.ku Feb 26 @ 2:15pm 
It was taken off steam for reasons of valve. Look it up if you want to know more about it. I agree though, it should be put back on steam. Loved that game.
fire warrior Feb 26 @ 2:25pm 
Wait it was taken off steam so did you play the game , win it was taken off were you abal to stell play it
wi.ku Feb 26 @ 2:26pm 
It was just taken off of steam, like any other game they take off. I'm pretty sure it'd still be in ones library though. I didn't have a steam when it was one so i don't have on steam, have it on origins though.
fire warrior Feb 26 @ 2:30pm 
ok ,Thank you
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SuperZlayer Mar 8 @ 9:17am 
I have Dragon Age 2 on Steam and it is still there, I can play it no problem. Just though I'd let you know.
fire warrior Mar 8 @ 5:03pm 
Thank you for the info
White Knight Mar 8 @ 9:36pm 
I have it as well but it's not installed and I don't plan on ever installing again. Once was more than enough.

It does have its own forum though.
fire warrior Mar 9 @ 7:47pm 
Thank you for the info
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