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LockonTM 2012年12月20日下午6:34
Is it worth it
Title says it all ladys and gentleman is it worth it?
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ShaveIceBaby 2012年12月20日下午6:41 
very much so
i have it on xbox though so as long as pc version isnt buggy it is a very cool game
Peace is the way 2012年12月20日下午6:46 
Just keep in mind its a short game, and the story is pretty much non existent. If you're okay with that, and wanna jump around, go for it :)
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combatCactus 2012年12月20日下午7:13 
its worth 2.5€
Stryker 2012年12月20日下午7:48 
If you are itching for something a little different, go for it. I really like the style of this game and it's great for those moments when you want something different to play....definitely worth the money...
iRobot 2012年12月20日下午8:30 
This game is worth it
wd40 2012年12月20日下午8:54 
one of my fav games of all time
Napgod 2012年12月20日下午9:12 
this game is super mario in first person. DO IT NOW.
LockonTM 2012年12月20日下午11:48 
thanks you guys
bryonhowley 2012年12月20日下午11:50 
The game is worth it. Even for the $19.99 the game is more that worth it. But right now it is $4.99. Even full price though it is great game.
os10 2012年12月21日上午2:22 
it's been going on sale at $5 for the last 2 years now.
surfer bro 2012年12月21日上午2:57 
is worth it except If you can't run it...
monkeywraith 2012年12月21日上午3:54 
I have no idea what Frank is on about, there absolutely is a story and it is wonderful. You are an illegal message courier in a very pretty dystopian future. The government watches everything so both companies and private parties send sensitive messages via such couriers. When things go wrong, however, you end up working to sort out a conspiracy and save your sister, yourself, and in a way the city.

I have this game on both PS3 and PC and thoroughly enjoy it.
Primernova 2012年12月21日上午5:43 
I love this game, highly underrated.

And, it cures Acrophobia very nicely.
Riot Day 2012年12月21日下午2:10 
Definitely, except if your computer isn't powerful enough.
80;'\\ 2012年12月22日上午1:15 
really unordinary and very special of a game not very long and not really any replay value and isnt very good but it is worth checking out for 5 bucks
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