armaky84 Mar 16, 2013 @ 1:30pm
Crash when arrive to CPF Underground Carpark
Hi guys
I've a crash when start the chapter 4..
to understand each other ..when you jump from the crane on the pillow and at the end of the D checkpoint begins a new chapter
After this.. begins a dialogue with Faith and Miller and than..
I get this screen

I've win 7 32bit on my lap top asus with ati radeon hd 2600 and i've installed the ultimate legacy driver for my GC
I've also PhysX off and I've never had problems with the game so far
In another time.. i updated the physX from 9.10 to 9.12 as shown in the previous guides but the result does not change.
He tells me that the program has stopped working in the same spot as before.
Now, after the upgrade, the objects with which the character interacts are no longer highlighted in red..
For example, the ladder to climb or the objects to overcome in speed

I am very angry because it is almost a year I've been waiting to finish this game and something always happens

Thanks in advance to those who can help me!:D
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