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For Those STILL Not Able To Run This, Try Using Crytek's Editor, Sandbox 2
1. Load the map via Steam/steamapps/common/Crysis/Game/Levels/[map folder]. W a i t for the map to load..........

Not sure of the correct map order, but play what seems logical to you. If you know it, post it here. I recommend starting with "Harbor". Excellent map. (just might mod it for fun on a spare Saturday...) Then go "Tank", etc.

I researched the old naming convention (yep, they changed the map names). Here they are for reference:

Original Crysis Level Names (in order of play):

Paradise Lost

Like I said, play the new map names in the order that seems logical to you...

2. Under the [View] menu, close all sub-windows.

3. Under [Game], choose Enable Physics/AI.

4. Under [Game], choose 'Switch to Game''.

Before playing the map, you can fly around it first if you want by right-clicking and holding to pan, while using the the standard directional keys at the same time. Be careful not to left-click and accidentally move something. If you do, just exit and choose 'Don't Save', then reload the map.

Some spawn points require you to have a parachute (I think the "mine" map has this). Just right-click and move yoursellf to just above the ground, then choose 'Switch to Game'.

Also, when you die, your gun customization settings will be lost, so you will have to reset them each time. It's a minor hassle but, wtf, you're playing it finally.

No full screen but you can play the maps normally and get thru this game finally...

If you any have questions, post them here.
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