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TheMazinTar 2013年3月14日下午4:58
How Bad is the Cursing in this Game?
The title says mostly all of it. I'm more specifically wondering, how often do they use the f word? Also, is there a setting in the options menu to change the language (as in Italian, Russian, that sort of langauge,) or just the character audio?
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Frockwot 2013年3月14日下午9:56 
There's not much swearing although I don't recall anyone saying the F word. I don't know anything about different languages
TheMazinTar 2013年3月15日上午7:45 
Really?! That surprises but (in a good way!) Anyone else?
Cooper 2013年3月23日下午1:27 
Yeah, if memory serves it was pretty tame :)
tfeather15 2013年3月23日下午6:35 
next to none
TheMazinTar 2013年3月24日上午9:03 
Thanks guys!
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