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BlackMambo Jun 7, 2014 @ 7:38am
Suggested Graphic Mods
i know that is already been asked, but i haven't found what i'm looking for i'll ask here again...

i'm looking for a good graphic mod, i'm not too concerned about perfomance, but i'd like to leave the gameplay intact...i'm only interested in improving the graphic quality.
I'm already using some textures packs, but i'd like to hear your opinion i've already asked in another thread, right now i'm using the blackfire's mod for crysis and i'm liking it a lot, but i don't like the fact that the game plays in daytime only, you can switch to night at will, but still, i'd like to leave the gameplay intact
is there a good mod or a mod pack that can help me out in achiving this? would be great if it's possible to enable the mod from the menu, so i don't have to reinstall the game to try something new, but this is a minor request and it's not mandatory for me...


i've alerady tried:
natural mod
real lifesis

but till now, BFM is the mod that has satisfied me the most, is there something similar?
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X8G7 Jun 23, 2014 @ 3:22pm 
I personally love the CCC mod, but the BFM mod is great too.
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