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Jademalo 2012年11月19日 8時33分
Where has this come form?
I just was looking through my steam library, and this game was in it. I then checked my steam subscriptions/purchases lists, and it isn't mentioned.

Is it bundled with something in the IndieRoyale Stuffing bundle or something?
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Raverkid 2012年11月19日 8時37分 
You get it free when you get Children of the Nile.
Jademalo 2012年11月19日 8時44分 
Ah sweet, thanks!
cybertrance 2012年12月15日 13時20分 
hmm, i did not get it
Kennelly 2013年1月18日 16時45分 
Funny you mentioned IndieRoyale, it now has been bundled in the Jan 2013 Snow Storm bundle (along with Resonance, RoboBlitz, Project Aftermath and two non-Steam games, StarDrone and RobotRiot.)
eagleFMJ 2013年1月19日 9時19分 
Raverkid の投稿を引用:
You get it free when you get Children of the Nile.

Thats bs because I have CotN and Hinterland is not in my purchased library.
最近の変更はeagleFMJが行いました; 2013年1月19日 9時20分
Planetdune 2013年1月22日 9時28分 
Could have been a temp action...
Pheace [MCT] 2013年3月30日 15時50分 
It came with the Indie bundle version of COTN for a bit, although that wasn't supposed to happen.
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