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Marduk 2012. dec. 16. @ du. 5:46
Why bad reviews?
It looks like fun, but why only a 65 on metacritic?
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Myrdin90 2012. dec. 19. @ de. 1:11 
although it IS fun, it quickly gets repetative. And you CANNOT progress if you dont have a marketplace. It is the only way to get money(after the enemies get to strog to beat on your own) to build your village.
Mobocracy 2012. dec. 25. @ de. 6:36 
It's fun, not a new concept, and it could of been made better. I agree with the score, but I also like the game. To hit it right on the dot, Myrdin is right. The game is out-right repetitive. I played it about 6 times, I got tired of it personally. I give it occasionaly revisits however.
baddog993 2013. jan. 16. @ du. 11:33 
Yeah I played this game a lot however your right about repetitive. The game does get old a lot quicker then it should. There having a sale on it at the Indie snow storm bundle for $5 dollars.
Sir Scarfalot 2013. ápr. 15. @ de. 12:46 
Frankly, the balance is just horrendous; and the resource management aspect is a total wreck. You have to spend heretical sums on stone, iron, herbs and/or water if they aren't immediately accessible, and if mandrake or souls aren't nearby then too frikkin bad. And the followers! They supposedly can level up, but I haven't seen one survive past 12 seconds in combat, despite my best efforts and care (and I take good care darnit).
Prophète 2013. júl. 13. @ du. 3:00 
Bad Management and bad role play. The mix what makes it interesting. for a little while
Earl of Fistfuckingham 2013. júl. 28. @ du. 2:56 
this was a good game that could have been great if they put more work on it. i bought it at 50% off and it was well worth the money for the time i got out of it. i even sent an e-mail with suggestions for a hopeful hinterlands 2. something i have done i think twice in my gaming life of over 20 years.

but like i said they could have just gone that little further and made this game awesome.
Mcflurry Butts. 2013. aug. 8. @ du. 2:44 
The concept is good, and nothing else is.
City Builder 2013. aug. 23. @ du. 8:41 
i think they were relying on name recognition from their children of the nile game for fans of that game to buy this game. Personally, I thought this was absolutely horrible, especially more so when I think what they were able to do with children of the nile.
Stelly 2013. okt. 27. @ de. 5:24 
Tilted hill doesn't have the money anymore to finish games like they did at Impressions studios. I don't think there is anyone happy about this situation because those guys are masters at what they do.
thebrushmonkey 2013. nov. 2. @ du. 7:57 
65 is generous tbh.
City Builder 2013. nov. 3. @ de. 10:43 
thebrushmonkey eredeti hozzászólása:
65 is generous tbh.
I agree, I personally think a large part of that 65 is due to respect for the employees, i suppose everybody should be allowed to make a flop (IMO) once i n their career but can they come back from this? last i heard they were working on some medeival game but i haven't heard anything new about it in what seems like well over a year
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