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Global Agenda - The Recon (PvE)
by Alister Oceansoul
A little guide to the Recon in Global Agenda, how to use it and what to look out for....
How to Install Global Agenda!
by Dread - Back but not Home
Have you noticed that you can't go to the Store Page for Global Agenda anymore? Well if you have to reinstall it for whatever reason, or wanted to install it for the first time to try it out, that may be a problem... Dont worry! Here is a quick simpl...
How to Craft
by Senju ☬║ArKTeEE║☬
Im gonna show all basics of crafting....
Global Agenda - The Medic
by JayMayPlay
A simple guide to the Medic Class in Global Agenda...
Локализации пока нет, переводим сами)
by ^8+)^2DantE^8(+
Global Agenda - Robotics
by JayMayPlay
A Simple Guide To The Robotics Class....
Robotics Farming
by Dread - Back but not Home
This guide will show you the secret to farming Experience Points and Components(which can then be sold for Credits) NOTE: Farm at your own risk......
Account Security
by Senju ☬║ArKTeEE║☬
Hi! In this tutorial im gonna show you how to good secure your account from being hacked. There is some guys which are hacking not good protected accounts so read this tutorial...
How to Poison Paingun in AVA
by Jeronix
This is an indepth guide into how i used to PainGun and how to effectively use your off hands and team mates to win in AVA....
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