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<<{BLS}>> ORN 2012年10月21日 18時13分
installed, couldn't play a match in 20 minutes, uninstalled
I don't know how a game can do matchmaking worse than IWNet, but apparently it can. Maybe the game is just dead. I am not sure. All I know is if I can't play a game in 20 minutes, I am going to try one that works.
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Robka 2012年10月27日 0時39分 
My game was crashing when my settings were on maximum.

When I have low-ed the graphics settings, I could play with no a single crash. So if you will dare to come back at Global Agenda, try to low the settings, it may fix pretty alot.

Dont expect from Hi-Rez to fix the game, I am sure they are working on thire future games.
Morgue Rabbit 2012年10月27日 12時39分 
No it's not a issue with the matchmaking it's the fact that there's not enough players even on to make a match... Every now and then you'll see 1-2 groups of people logging on to do a match or 2 but outside of that you will never see any going.... Same goes for most pve also.. Even ava is dead.... They all moved to the next game that is going to have the same thing hapen to it which is tribes ascend.
LightningStryk 2012年12月30日 19時08分 
Same thing happened to me. I queued for an hour one day and didnt get a match so i quit. never looked back. To bad, seemed like an interesting game if I could actually play it.
Belven 2013年1月2日 6時23分 
I just started again a few days back and still have completed the first PvP quest, been playing for nealry a week now :(
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<<{BLS}>> ORN 2013年1月12日 19時43分 
Most lobby mmos die. This must have been too much like one.
SixStarGenaral 2013年7月13日 13時23分 
i cant play it :( any ideas how to fix it
<<{BLS}>> ORN 2013年7月13日 13時25分 
ask for your money back asap, it's a dead game. It's unethical to sell.
SixStarGenaral 2013年7月13日 13時27分 
this game is stupied -.-
SixStarGenaral 2013年7月13日 13時28分 
i like the game before but now its just dead
SixStarGenaral 2013年7月13日 13時28分 
stupied peapole -.-
SixStarGenaral 2013年7月13日 13時28分 
i want my money back
<<{BLS}>> ORN 2013年7月13日 13時30分 
Did you just get the game during the sale? Or have you had it a long time and it turned to crap while you owned it?

When I bought Mercenaries 2 on Origin for the coop, they gave me my money back because they had shutdown the servers for playing coop.

Steam has helped me twice get refunds. Though they also did not get me a refund three times. I still own Dino Beatdown Orion, whatever it got renamed to despite it not working from the start, and posting youtube videos of it being broken. I simply spent to much time trying to make it work they said. Then I have Zombie War or War Z. It got renamed to infestation or something survival not sure. I have a video of it asking me to pay them money to play more of the game when I had just started the game. It was that or wait an hour to play. Pretty crappy options, so I asked for a refund because I didn't know it did that. But they said no.

So if you just got the game I think you have a 50/50 chance of getting a refund.

If you don't get a refund from them, then I propose you do what I do. The next time you are going to get a game when there isn't a sale on, get something not on steam like a tabletop rpg or a book. Sometimes I pick up games like Diablo 3 or Guild Wars 2 that will consume a bunch of time so I don't purchase anything on steam for a few months.

Usually they are really good, and particularly understanding about microsofts DRM being messed up. I got one of their games once, I think Dead Rising Off the Record or whatever one had coop first. Couldn't play it. Microsoft was asking me for my password so I could reset my password essentially because I had sold my console years ago, but my email was still tied to that account. Steam gave me a refund, and I just stay away from Microsoft now despite how good Fable 3 looks.
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NeoLightCiri 2013年7月28日 11時43分 
dementedlullaby 2013年7月28日 16時00分 
I recently reinstalled and my characters aren't even there anymore. Wtf? Even FFXI which was ♥♥♥ backwards stopped deleting characters (after my favourite character got deleted for good argh >_<).
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