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Asiryen 2012年10月5日上午4:51
What you think about the idea of GA with the focus on PVP?
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GiVE 2012年10月5日上午6:53 
spook7234 2012年10月6日上午9:36 
lol the GM said GA 2 is coming so i dont think its a myth but i really dont like the idea of GA 2 since they can just upgrade GA 1 cause i really dont wanna lose all my progress since ive put like 125 hours in this game and im not even lvl 50
Asiryen 2012年10月6日上午9:48 
i played 350 hours and have 1 char lv 50 and an other 49^^
NoN Ze Pripps 2012年10月6日下午9:14 
Hey what about in GA2 each agency get like it's own base. like a dome city but just for the agency members. Dome city would still be avalible but each agency have their own place to go to. Maby even each agency would be able to costomize its base as they would like to have it. That would be realy awsome don't you think? xD
Kayato 2012年10月9日上午5:50 
I'm very disapoited with this. GA is good, it only needs more support and fix. GA2 focus on Pvp??? No one starts GA for the Pvp I guess. They also asking for more class. If they still listen only kidz will be a game with 2 month life.
TIBERIUSthe2nd 2012年10月10日上午7:07 
what this game really needs is less lag and more maps and thats all oh and less boters
headdetect 2012年10月12日下午8:58 
will the current GA owners get any benefits of sorts
Like if you have lvl 50's on each char you get a special hat.
Pencilwater 2012年10月15日下午1:58 
I really don't want a GA 2. They should just keep patching and updating the current GA.
I really don't want to lose my current 5 level 50's and all my progression of the game.
Keep updating Global Agenda
P.S: Hi-Rez, Smite is a waste of time. LoL clone, and LoL sucks. Stop supporting SMITE.
GiVE 2012年10月19日上午8:28 
GA is dead, move on. We need GA2.......lolhats
TotalBaddie 2012年10月22日下午9:27 
Awright first off GA2 is going to be PVP based so no AVA or PVE is going to be added right off the bat (or in beta) if you read the thread they say that they are going to work on PVP as the main focus which as we all know as veteran GA players was ALOT of fun.
TotalBaddie 2012年10月22日下午9:27 
Also for the people that say they should upgrade GA1 its easier just to start a new just like L4D2
achleckmichfett 2012年10月25日上午2:38 
im pretty curious about part 2 .... hopefully they ve got rid oft the matchmaking system!! baddest in all game-genres EVER!!!!!
[LaD]Reasor 2012年10月26日下午12:59 
If a part 2 is really comeing i won´t stop playing the first part.How about you?
Sol Lignum 2012年11月1日上午2:46 
I think PvP focus is a wrong direction. Sure, majority want it, but honestly, there're TOO MANY online PvP shooters already.
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