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El_Vendetta 2013年9月8日 11時38分
Well i agree with that guy
who said the game is pretty stupid to start out. it does catch your eye at first but once you start questing it gets pretty dumb with the drones and such respawning so quickly. and everywhere you look is some message asking you to spend your money lol. and the last update/post from the makers is in 2011 so if they don't have any interest in the game that says it all.
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><FISH'> 2013年9月25日 10時11分 
Lol @ judging the game based on the quests. The quests are less than 1% of this game for most players. Also, they were added as an expansion long after release. They are not the whole the game.
Seccup 2013年9月28日 16時51分 
I think the problem was lack of jungle and it can only be played well on alienware
[GC] GIANT_CRAB 2013年10月18日 21時01分 
Seccup の投稿を引用:
I think the problem was lack of jungle
The next update on 1st April 2014 will have Jungle.
Asoreas 2013年10月22日 14時20分 
lol people still carrying on about this jungle thing? back in 2010 people talked about it everywhere...... i came back a few months ago and sense the last time iw as on they did a huge update, new quests new area and such..... Questing is boring, its the pvp and the pve that was amazing. cant wait to start again, i use to have a high lvl character lets hope i can access it all again :D
Frosty the Pyro 2013年10月23日 15時00分 
Global agenda is a PvP game first and formost
after that its about spec ops missions and raids
and then as a bit of an afterthought there is the desert as something to sort of do while your waiting in que for the other stuff.

you are judging it based on the desert.

That said, the player base is all but non existant anymore and the game is something that is not desighned for single player at all. the developers are working on other games (such as global agenda 2), and other than keeping the servers running dont have an interest in working on the game anymore. It had many good years, but they are in the past now. So unless you have a group of friends to all log on together and play (4 folks for spec ops, 10 for raids, 20 for pvp) there will be very little enjoyment for you.
NrONE 2013年11月17日 0時38分 
Bad talk results in bad consequences . Everyone said 3 years ago that GA is dead ... WE ARE STILL ALIVE !!! The fun just started !!! .... nah , just play , enjoy and hope for a sequel
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