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HipsterHamster 21 чер 2013 о 1:06am
When will GA2 launch
Tittle says all
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Morgue Rabbit 22 чер 2013 о 11:52pm 
There's no one that knows besides the devs and they are being tight lipped... They planned to start the beta the middle of the year so we got awhile before they show it... They hadn't shown anything at E3 though so I'm thinking they are behind schedule and won't start beta till at least q4.

This is all just guessing for all I know the'll just "poof" it out.
° G € l $ l /\/\ A N ° 30 чер 2013 о 12:57pm 
Beta GA2 ? mitte des Jahres 2013 ? hmmmm ich bin mal gespannt
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