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Itachi Uchiha 2013年6月9日 17時12分
Anyone playing?
If anyone still plays this game and has skype please add me
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Yitani 2013年6月12日 11時09分 
no just a few people and bunch of aimbotters
FlyinDoom[OFC] 2013年6月13日 19時57分 
I really miss this game, I had a blast on it when everybody played
Quenelle sauce mafé 2013年7月12日 20時44分 
I played this night, and the first area was plenty of new players. I found a team easily so yes some people still play that game.
massai11 2013年7月28日 18時54分 
Just tried playing but couldn't since quick match can't find any other players. Bummer. I did play it when it came out but decided to wait for it to develop some more and now iti s dead ville.
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