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KoolGuyDags28 2013年2月16日下午11:22
Graphics and Gameplay my thoughts
Gameplay seems to be recycled from other games but what I really like is the uniqueness how they made Guns and Melee weapons. Prepare for a challenge some people if you are new. 9/10

Graphics are flat out amazing 10/10 for that

the fact that the game is free automaticaly makes it the best looking F2P game I have seen next to planetside 2
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)>(Nino)<( 2013年2月17日上午10:59 
this is better than planetside 2 bro, more skilled, has the BEST clan wars system "AvA", the pvp is extremly AWESOME and the pve missions make people know each other and have fun with friends. I am sad this game was dying but i see that in the last 2 months new people have come and the pvp and AvA are still working. And obviously the best thing are the Free helmets that you get but doing achivments like AvA or in pvp and pve too, thats one thing that i have never seen in other games. And the holo helmets and colors to use in this game are perfect =)
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