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Mr.W 5月1日 10時58分
GA 2 rumors (?)

Look it , this gives me hope ^_^ .
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LegendaryKira 5月4日 3時50分 
they've done that in the past. this means nothing at all.

if GA2 was gonna come out. it would have came out last year with minimal of closed beta.
that was the idea. and release in early 2014.

but be honest to your self. hi-rez is known for abanding there games time and time again.
u cant trust that company at all.
Mr.W 5月4日 11時12分 
Well , that's true...
Kinesis 5月4日 13時30分 
Lets hope for their sake that HiRez gets their collective heads outta their Smite holes and gets back to work on GA 2. Perfect time to get it out since GA is pretty much barren and Firefall is not providing much of a competetor to the genre.
最近の変更はKinesisが行いました; 5月4日 13時30分
1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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