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YuriyOriciM 2014年4月22日 10時45分
unable to connect to server
So, today randomly half of my friends can't even login, while the other half is playing with no problems...

Anyone else has this issue?

**Edit:** Here I get it lauching through "Steam" version of the game.
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0F4U 2014年4月25日 12時47分 
delete your login id and pw and rewrite it then it works
Bevill 2014年4月25日 13時05分 
I am also unable to connect to server. It just says "Unable to Connext to Server" below the login boxes.
Shaggy 2014年5月10日 12時53分 
how do u delete ur login id?
0F4U 2014年5月12日 2時49分 
... are you serious?...
just delte your login name and rewrite it
#NA servers down press optionen
uncheck= match other regions and use europe servers apply then and restart ga
最近の変更は0F4Uが行いました; 2014年5月12日 2時50分
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