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YuriyOriciM 2014. ápr. 22. @ de. 10:45
unable to connect to server
So, today randomly half of my friends can't even login, while the other half is playing with no problems...

Anyone else has this issue?

**Edit:** Here I get it lauching through "Steam" version of the game.
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delete your login id and pw and rewrite it then it works
Bevill 2014. ápr. 25. @ du. 1:05 
I am also unable to connect to server. It just says "Unable to Connext to Server" below the login boxes.
Madison Ivy 2014. máj. 10. @ du. 12:53 
how do u delete ur login id?
... are you serious?...
just delte your login name and rewrite it
#NA servers down press optionen
uncheck= match other regions and use europe servers apply then and restart ga
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