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washu73 2014年1月25日下午7:09
Game broken
I wanted to play this game but apparantly it has been replaced in my steam libary by bloodlines champions... is there any way of getting my game back?
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Repsack 2014年1月26日上午11:38 
I have searched for the same answer. For now i have only found that you can go and download it away from steam
-¤lζ|2ا§¤- Skylar -[GCP]- 2014年1月26日下午6:15 
Same thing happened to me. I was online one night and it started updating and when I looked it had changed to Bloodline Champions. I contacted Steam support right away but I have not heard from them yet. It's kind of bad because I had paid for Global Agenda on Steam years ago and now I can't even start it up. :/
Repsack 2014年1月27日上午9:05 
My characterlist havent changed, so im sure you can still access your profile if you just connect through the non steam launcher. Though i really would prefer this to be on steam again..
washu73 2014年1月29日下午4:51 
The issue has been resolved , Steam is reinstalling GA now by itself.
最后由 washu73 编辑于; 2014年1月29日下午4:51
-¤lζ|2ا§¤- Skylar -[GCP]- 2014年1月29日下午4:56 
Yep same here, it's updating as Global Agenda again. Only thing is Steam never did contact me with an answer...
最后由 -¤lζ|2ا§¤- Skylar -[GCP]- 编辑于; 2014年1月29日下午4:57
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