TUXEDOmazk Jul 5 @ 4:56am
How do We force a company to next Gen Consoles?
just a general idea why dont High Rez put Global agenda on next Gen consoles? it could make so much money, and yet its already made.

game buttons would need to be changed but Their isn't alot of buttons though. so it could work D:D:D: i just miss my global agenda, and dont play on computer much
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Maestro Gyro Jul 8 @ 9:17am 
It cost millions upon millions of dollars to make games for consoles (since you have to buy respective licenses from Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/etc.) And Hi-Rez is a business, and their investors don't see the profit in porting GA to consoles (The proof in being not even 5 years after release the game is practicially dead on the PC)

I would love to play this on the PS4 personally, but sadly unless you become a billionare, buy Hi-Rez, and fund the port yourself, this will never happen.
TUXEDOmazk Jul 9 @ 2:08am 
Reasons on why I said "Force", i know its mostly dead, and i remember about to buying the game for $150 - with all levels and ava maps. when it was in that weird beta stage, just hoping one day they can read a page like this, and hope it will give them a spark the idea

fun game, no updateds left it for dead =\
stay cranked Jul 9 @ 3:36am 
go away console peasants!
stay cranked Jul 9 @ 3:37am 
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