bidithal Mar 2, 2013 @ 9:46am
fixes for space empires v
The steam.dll issues i managed to fix just by restarting my computer i also know that this has fixed the steam.dll problem for other people aswell .

Low fps fix i cant promise this will work for everyone but if you running win 7 right click desktop - personalize - display - turn off clear type text this helped me get high fps , also in nvidia control panel ( not sure of the amd version ) change power management mode from adaptive to prefer maximum performance i am getting 120 fps when at main game screen and when windows are open my fps does not drop below 60 fps i noticed that when using msi afterburner fps display that my gpu load would not rise above 30% and my fps would not go over 20 so changing to max performance hads allowed my gpu the hit 80-90% load and give me amazing fps

my spec is i5-3570k@4.4ghz 16gb mem win 7 64bit 2x gtx670 in sli if these fixes help anyone plz post in comments to bump thread