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Didgelz Apr 3 @ 12:39am
Little Farm
Downloaded this farm game and it wont friggin open??? Can we get our money back or a voucher to buy another game that actually works????
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jerk store May 1 @ 2:14pm 
I just got a bundle from bundlestars and neither this or luxor 5th passage even opens. The others work though...what a rip. At least luxor 2 hd plays fine that was worth the 2.99 i paid for the bundle by itself.
vanderveenjess May 1 @ 9:47pm 
Won't open for me either. This sucks.
GamerByDay  [developer] May 2 @ 9:41am 
Working on a patch for this today. We updated Luxor 5th Passage, and working on this. Not trying to rip anyoff off!
jerk store May 4 @ 7:19pm 
Luxor 5th passage still does the same thing for me, Windows 8.1 doesn't open.
Anarchymedes May 6 @ 7:50am 
The same problem here. Can't start Little Farm on Windows 8.1 :(
Harkness May 6 @ 2:40pm 
Just got an update. Confirmed working on 8.1
brianmsnyder May 6 @ 3:06pm 
Noticed a 2.4 mb download by Little Farm and it works fine now for me as well. Also on Win 8.1.
Liquidsnakehpks-joa May 6 @ 11:20pm 
the game worked fine for me before , just wondered why it updated and i saw this thread happy to see devs still supporting this
Anarchymedes May 6 @ 11:39pm 
Everything's fine here as well after this update. Thanks :)
GamerByDay  [developer] May 7 @ 11:54am 
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Glad we were able to patch it quickly so newer machines could enjoy it as well.
Didgelz May 12 @ 5:51am 
Thanks Guys ( GamerByDay) my game works now :)
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