Ki11s0n3 2012年9月14日上午10:52
Black Screen after first loading screen
Anyone know how to fix this?

I start up the game just fine and after the first load screen it just goes to a black screen and does nothing, I can hear the sounds of the main menu but I can't see anything.
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The Fettman13 2012年9月14日下午1:35 
I also have this problem.
AshenWings 2012年9月14日下午8:15 
Same here, going by some of the other posts it's because of Intel graphics systems (in my case a chipset). No idea if there will be fixes for it.
Ki11s0n3 2012年9月15日上午1:54 
Same here being on a laptop but those posts are before the HD update which was suppose to fix this.
gomxxxo 2012年9月15日上午2:18 
I got the same issue.
I suffered the ATI card problems of the old version and now I got this...
Keldorn 2012年9月15日上午6:55 
Happened to me as well.
lamer 2012年9月15日上午10:10 
I also have this problem it cuts off at the loading screen, I used to have the T model problem
Mudokon 2012年9月21日上午8:46 
Yep, me too.
Kill la Chill 2012年9月21日下午9:44 
Same here wahts going on?
pupbenny 2012年9月23日上午8:41 
I also have this problem.
dean0null 2012年9月24日上午1:25 
I have this problem as well.
borntobealoser 2012年9月27日上午8:26 
Yeah, I'm getting this too. I'm just going to subscribe to all of the discussions on the same topic, and hope that at some point one of them will have an answer.
Burger 2012年10月9日下午5:20 
Same here.
Kinne 2012年10月15日下午8:10 
They aren't too intelligent if they can't figure out something is wrong when a massive chunk of players have the same issue
Kombine 2012年10月19日上午11:53 
It was supposed to be when HD was released, it would be moving from OpenGL to DirectX, which would fix all the Intel Integrated Graphics black screen problems, however to save three weeks, they did some workarounds and fixes with OpenGL, to save the time it would take for HD to be released. They are still working on the fixes for Intels problems with OpenGL.
DarkFall - S5 2012年12月15日上午9:16 
I had the same black screen problem when i was running it at 1080p as soon as i switched to 720p i could see everything. Still needs a fix though. hope this helps.
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