ikkuranus 2012年12月25日下午7:43
Won't start in windows 8
When launching the game I get the error: failed to start game(unknown error)
I have installed the correct vc++ and even tried compatibility mode and it just wont start.
If anyone has a workaround short of dual booting I would appreciate it.

nevermind apparently the 64bit os still requires the 32bit vc++
最后由 ikkuranus 编辑于; 2012年12月25日下午9:16
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PillowPants 2012年12月26日下午1:29 
Hey i think i'm having the same issue but with windows 7 64 bit anyway you can help me?
最后由 PillowPants 编辑于; 2012年12月26日下午1:29
PillowPants 2012年12月26日下午1:29 
if so that'd be awesome
$oap 2013年1月4日上午10:06 
im having the same problem too hope somone can help us soon
Madeline 2013年1月4日下午3:06 
Maybe 'cause windows 8 sucks ♥♥♥.
Juss sayin.
Span_Wolf 2013年1月6日下午1:23 
Bought the game the moment it came out. Finally installed it this morning and it won't start for me either on Windows 7 64 bit. Steam thinks the game is running and the play timer is going up, but there is nothing. I don't even get the launcher.
最后由 Span_Wolf 编辑于; 2013年1月6日下午1:24
DeadWire 2013年1月12日下午10:55 
引用自 Phillip
Maybe 'cause windows 8 sucks ♥♥♥.
Juss sayin.
Yes it sucks ♥♥♥ because its basically a lighter more secure version Windows7, runs 99% of software 7 can and has better FPS in most games....just sayin'
DeadWire 2013年1月12日下午10:57 
As for the the game, it runs fine on my rig with WIn8 Pro.....perhaps you should verify your game cache
EagleOfFreedom 2013年4月15日上午9:43 
i have the same problem. The game start, shows the "Oddworld Inhabitants" Screen and then it is Blackscreen and an Error comes :" Game Application doesn`t work". My PC is a Win8 Pc 64 bit. Help please!!!
最后由 EagleOfFreedom 编辑于; 2013年4月15日上午10:12
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